Chain of Custody You can Trust: Iron Mountain's Data Protection Services


Throughout Australia, organisations of all sizes trust Iron Mountain with their off-site media storage and recovery requirements. The reason; superior storage conditions and security, better control of data and faster recovery from data losses, failures and disasters.

Iron Mountain barcode scans all media at every workflow stage for audit tracking and effective retrieval purposes. Media pick-up and delivery is synchronised according to your required back-up schedule. Our climate controlled vehicles are custom configured for secure media transportation. We store your back-up tapes in environment controlled, fire proof, grade 1 high security vaults located in low-risk areas, protected by high security access controls, CCTV surveillance and all of our employees are national Police checked annually.

Convenient and Easy to use Data Protection Solutions


Iron Mountain offers a range of flexible off-site tape storage schedules and management services to suit organisations of different sizes, industries and budgets. From transportation to retrieval, our remote TapeGuard web interfaced media management system conveniently provides a transparent audit trail, simplifying your data management, back-up and recovery processes.

Iron Mountain’s processes are designed to assist with prevention and reduction in downtime in the event of an emergency. Through the implementation of recovery processes that mitigate risk, we assist by delivering a quick and reliable recovery so you back to business as usual as soon as possible.

Compliant Data Protection Solutions


We will work with you to apply a consistent approach to archiving and back-up across your organisation which will improve workflow management and accountability, lift productivity through automation and assist you to comply with regulations that demand uniform processes.

Iron Mountain’s state-of-the-art storage vaults ensure the integrity of media and data for long-term archival retention ensuring that you comply with industry and statutory retention regulations.

Cost Effective Data Protection Solutions


For many organisations, off-site tape vault storage is the most practical and cost-effective solution for back-up and archiving. Iron Mountain saves your organisation time and money by simplifying and streamlining the off-site storage processes of your back-ups, reducing the risks associated with on-site storage and saving on storage costs.

Disaster Recovery & Data Protection Services around the clock


Iron Mountain offers a complete 24/7 emergency response service and will also work with you to prepare a tailored disaster response plan. If disaster strikes, we respond immediately by securely transporting the relevant back-up tapes to your chosen recovery site and will work alongside your team to restore your data as quickly as possible.

Media Supplies


Your data is only as secure as the device it is saved on; which is why Iron Mountain partner with the leading providers to supply high quality magnetic tape supplies at competitive prices.
Iron Mountain offers all major brands such as HP, IBM, Sony, Fujifilm, Imation and more. Call now to speak to an expert to discuss your requirements or to arrange a quotation.

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